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Lighting And PA And DJ Hire In Leeds

To create a great atmosphere at any event, you need music, lights and people. DJ Dave’s lighting and PA hire in Leeds can help set the mood and get your party going. With his range of LED and uplighting available for hire, you can instantly improve the atmosphere.

The premise of DJ Dave’s LED mood lighting is simple. Whatever the feel and emotion of your event, you can have lighting that is tailored to it. If you’re going for a smooth, calm vibe then you’ll be choosing serene blues but if you want to get the party started you may prefer purples and reds to turn any space into a dancefloor. On top of this, the uplighting that DJ Dave provides is also perfect to create a relaxing environment in any venue.

For events where you need lots of guests to hear speeches or award ceremonies, DJ Dave’s PA system is perfect to be heard in crystal clarity. As a professional DJ, he can assist with sound checks and ensure that you are set-up correctly.

To find out more about his DJ or mobile bar service, get in touch. Fill out the online contact form on his website or ring DJ Dave on 01751 481975.